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Attivio, Inc., is a privately held Newton, Massachusetts-based enterprise software company that produces and sells a unified information access platform that lets users find all types of information with a single query and analyze data extracted from text along with traditional data. Attivio was founded in 2007, and in 2012 raised $34 million in funding from Oak Investment Partners and in 2013 raised $8 million from General Electric Pension Trust. Attivio's core product is the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), a software platform that unites core capabilities offered separately byenterprise search, business intelligence, data warehousing, process automation and business analytics to deliver complete information to people, automate business processes and enrich user experience. AIE integrates structured data and unstructured content in a single index so it can be searched, manipulated and analyzed comprehensively. Both search queries and SQL can be used to retrieve data, allowing a full range of query types, from "fuzzy" queries that focus on relevance to highly precise queries. AIE can be used to build business-related applications that depend on access to information from diverse repositories; common applications include customer experience management, enterprise performance management, IT incident management, SharePoint integration, social brand management and risk management.


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