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Chronocam is developing a unique, bio-inspired and self-adapting approach to the need for visual sensing and processing in autonomous vehicles, connected devices, security and surveillance systems.  Its innovative vision sensors and systems replicate the functioning of the human eye and address the limitations of conventional vision sensors by enabling real-time sensing of the relevant dynamic scene context and acquiring only what is necessary. The result is that Chronocam’s vision solutions set a new benchmark for computer vision performance with unprecedented speed, dynamic range, sensor level video compression and power efficiency, at the same time. Based in Paris, Chronocam is a venture backed company with investors including Robert Bosch Venture Capital and CEA Investissement.

The company was founded in 2014 and combines more than two decades of experience in neuromorphic computing, CMOS sensor design and VLSI chip engineering. Its development team has built the foundation a true paradigm shift in computer vision that significantly improve traditional methods of capturing visual information. It has several patents and owns unique IP that give it a competitive advantage in the market


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