Rocket Fuel | Commercial

Rocket Fuel is a provider of a programmatic media-buying platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and predictive modeling to autonomously real-time bid (RTB) on digital media ad impressions across web, video, mobile, and social media. Rocket Fuel's platform evaluates millions of data points (such as shopping behavior, loyalty data, weather, and demographics) to score and predict the likelihood that users surfing the web, tablet, or mobile devices will respond to advertising. It then bids on the impressions to reach those users. To tailor results, the software learns and improves with each transaction by using machine-learning algorithms. The company was founded by George John, Richard Frankel and Abhinav Gupta. John serves as Rocket Fuel’s CEO while Frankel is the company’s president. Gupta serves as Rocket Fuel’s senior vice president of engineering.


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