Big Data is a common umbrella term for a set of next generation technologies that address information analytics, data management, and data integration. With the increasing focus on managing large datasets, these big data tools and techniques are proving that they are superior to traditional methods of analyzing and managing high-volume data. However, as with many disruptive trends, market confusion arises as new vendors strive to be heard, and existing vendors attempt to reposition their wares. There is now a head-spinning range of data management and analytic platforms, many based on the open source Hadoop file system that support a range of novel database protocols, such as NoSQL and NewSQL.
The Big Data Ecosystem is Knowledgent’s industry-leading reference architecture. It provides an overview of today’s big data vendor landscape to help you to make sense of the tools, techniques, and other offerings available.
At Knowledgent, we recognized the early signs of this market shift and anticipated the likely confusion. To create clarity in this rapidly-changing landscape, we continuously analyze and categorize vendor products into a comprehensive, reference architecture: our industry-leading Big Data Ecosystem.
The Big Data Ecosystem includes over 100 big data vendors.
The 2015 version of our Big Data Ecosystem has been updated with new vendors to depict the most current relationships between products and technologies and includes point solutions, integrated solutions, on-premise and cloud offerings, emergent pure-plays, and established players. Additionally, the Hadoop and NoSQL Data Management technologies have been further classified to deliver clearer and more precise categorization. In response to the emergence of security as a critical concern, we have added a new Data Security category.
The Big Data Ecosystem is FREE. There is no cost for accessing the Ecosystem.
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